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Spotlight delivers our globally leading analytics, tailored to external audit, on our purpose built analytics platform.

Powering Our Audits

Spotlight, our patented audit analytics platform, offers our clients unique benefits around the way we audit their businesses and the value we can add.

Audit Quality
Digital Relationship
Risk Focus
Benchmarks and Insights
  • Audit Quality

    Spotlight analytically enables every one of our auditors. A powerful yet simple to use technology that can run on an iPad, it allows our auditors to test hypotheses, identify and validate exceptions right at your finance teams' desks. Spotlight also drives consistency, enabling us to execute the same audit analytics on every statutory entity within a group, by bringing your data into Spotlight's single global platform. Spotlight’s unique digital relationship allows us to perform audit procedures throughout the year, providing exceptions and insights for management follow up, on a monthly basis, reducing seasonality and bringing issues to you much earlier than with traditional interim and final auditing.

  • Digital Relationship

    Spotlight redefines the client auditor digital relationship, allowing us to provide a better quality audit, more timely insight and data driven benchmarks which are second to none in terms of authority and breadth of comparison. Spotlight allows us to securely gather your financial data, from each and every one of your financial systems, with daily extracts, on a fully automated basis, without involvement from your IT or finance teams; reconstructing that information into a single organisation wide view, spanning multiple years. This rich, harmonised, reconciled dataset underpins every aspect of our audit analytic capabilities and goes further, allowing us to be more responsive to enquiries and issues you or your industry may have during the year.

  • Risk Focus

    Our auditors have Spotlight analytics continuously up-to-date and available at their fingertips as self-service, allowing them to bring the power of analytics to all aspects of the audit. At the start of each audit, analytics allows a much more substantial part of the financial statements to be truly evaluated for specific risks as opposed to simply identifying a generally risky balance. Identifying risks inside balances allows for a laser focus into the higher risk areas, as opposed to resorting to sampling of a general balances; this is a step change in approach and audit quality.

  • Benchmarks and Insights

    Spotlight offers unrivalled breadth and depth of benchmarks, drawn anonymously across thousands of clients already benefiting from Spotlight. Benchmarks consider all aspects of business including deep analysis such as; working capital management, efficiency of financial close, finance stress levels and transactional transparency; along with simpler analysis such as dividend cover, debtors days or supplier credit terms. As our approach focuses on the underlying transactional data it removes judgement, opinion, and bias from the results. Our Insights allow us to drill deeper into a client's internal business processes, accounting and operations, enabling management to see across their entire organisation in unique and original ways.

Our Analytics

Our investment in our analytics technologies means our external audits use more analytics than ever before, making a measurable difference to our clients.


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Enterprise Grade Analytics

Spotlight has been designed from the ground up to support external audit clients of every industry, geography and size.

How Spotlight Works

Getting the practicalities and hygiene factors of analytics right is critical to success. Having methods of data acquisition which minimise IT and management efforts and processes which make sure the data is secure during transmission and storage, is a must have for all organisations.

With this in mind, Spotlight has been architected to deliver a differential experience to our clients. For most common ERP platforms we offer connectors or tools for data extraction, which can even source data on a daily or weekly basis without human intervention. Working with our Cyber Security Teams we've designed the platform to be a secure custodian of your data.

These upfront investments mean we can spend our time delivering world class analytics, improving audit quality and delivering actionable insights to you.

Data Security

  • Encrypted data extracts and transfer
  • ISO27001 Certified UK Data Centres
  • Advanced Authorisation and Authentication
  • Enterprise grade data platform
  • Full audit logging